Translation of Sahir Ludhianvi’s famous nazm, “KABHI KABHI”.

Sometimes I wonder
what would life have been
under the soft shadow
of your tresses;
this darkness lost
in the sparkle of your eyes.

Oblivious of pain
I would have lost myself
in the contours
of your beautiful body.
The nectar of your lips
the answer
to the bitterness of the world;
your tresses
to its scorching heat.

But this was not to be
And now there’s neither you
nor the pain of separation;
not even the need
of a companion.

Embracing the sorrows of the world
I have travelled
through strange territories
with engulfing shadows coming closer.

Aimlessly I grope in the darkness
to be lost in this void
one day.
I know, my love,
but still
sometimes I wonder.

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