Sex, Society and She – Play by Arshana Azmat

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sex_society_and_sheThose who didn’t attend the play missed out on something in their life.

The play tried to address the issue of woman’s satisfaction in relationships – physical, as well as mental.

Arshana Azmat has delivered a play which beats known and established copywriters and producers. The quality of the script leaves little to be desired. The tasteful manner in which the delicate subject (specially in a society where sex is a taboo) has been handled is highly admirable.

Personally, for me, the best part of the show was the superb selection of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasiaji’s music, played at just the right volume, at just the right times. The satire in the play too deserves a special mention for being on the dot, and delivered with finesse.

Director’s Note

This play is not fiction; nor is it based on imagination. It is based on a survey on sex, conducted by a leading news magazine of India – which clearly indicates that Indian women are not sexually satisfied.

The data mentioned in this survey clearly shows that 70 percent of Indian women are unhappy with their sex life. This does not imply that these men are cruel, rude or autocratic; sometimes they are just unaware, ignorant or lack enough sensitivity to understand the demands and desire of a women.

Yes you may blame that maximum Indian surveys are fake or far away from reality but if you will type the phrase sexual pleasure of women in google, you will find many real stories shared by Indian women. In which they are crying for libido. They are breaking the myth that women doesn’t feel orgasm. All these things tells that the women are searching sexual pleasure.

As a new play write I found this subject quite interesting both for writing as well as direction. I have tried my best to not to make it an anti men drama. Keeping this in mind, I kept Jai and Allap in center. In my play, men are discussing these women’s issues because I personally believe that every man is not bad or anti women.

The launch of my play in Lucknow is not a random act, but a careful choice – Lucknow is among the top 5 city where’s women are not satisfied with their sex life. I am extremely lucky that I managed to find a team who accepted it as a social issue and are willing to discuss and share it with as many people as possible.


Jai: Rishi Raj Maurya playing as Jai is a sexually liberal but anti women. The play shows him as an Asst. Director in Bollywood.

Meera: A women who believes in casual sex but very clear about her own pleasure. Simran Gupta plays Meera on stage. Meera is an activist cum theater actress. Her focus area is single women’s sexuality.

Allap: A mediator who doesn’t look like a mediator. He believes in counseling and conversation rather then preaching or speeches. Prafful tripathi the theater actor will speak as allap on the stage.

Maya: She is a a bold person; In some ways childish, but in many ways she is sensible. At a point she is confused but for the rest, she is crystal clear. Shweta Saxena, a teacher by profession and dusky diva by look is portraying Maya.

Boss: He is a man who knows the answer to all questions, but is still full of questions. Rizwan Haider – a law graduate and an actor acts out the Boss.

Jes: Starts the play and plays the climax too. She is a perfect friend. Her philosophy is to support a friend for the sake of friendship rather than finish the friendship for the sake of personal philosophy. Shishta a mass comm student and aspirant photographer, plays Jes.

Production management by Crow Creative Labs

Multimedia and backstage : Vikas Jaiswal,Jeewan Singh Rawat,Ananya Pandey , Devesh Singh bora,Asmit Joshi,Rohit Rawat,Suyash

Lights : Mohammad Hafiz

Music : We borrowed music from the flute collection of Hari Prasad chaurasiya. The entire music is based on classical ragas. In the romantic scene you can feel the texture of rag Madhuwanti which is a romance based rag. In the spiritual scene you will get the smooth feel of rag shivanjali which is a evening based meditation rag.

Music operated by : Mohsin

Special Thanks

Pooja mishra: A trained Bharatnatyam dancer, Pooja choreographed poetry in this play. She brakes the monotony of play through her dancing moves.

Jai Shankar Pandey : A prominent theatre actor of Lucknow, Jai supported us in many ways. He gave us many ideas regarding the drama element of the play.

Kanak rekha chauhan: Kanak mam, a well known socialite of city and one of the prominent organizers of Lucknow Literature Festival organized the first prominent reading of the play in a very beautiful manner.

Sajhi Duniya: We are very thankful to Sajhi Duniya and Rooprekha Verma mam – Mrs? Dr?, who also organized the formal reading of the play.

Ratna Maurya, Monika shilpkar, Tarun Raj and SNA staff.

For further questions, contact,
Masto Gaurav Srivastava (Phone) : +91-9336670006

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