Finders, Keepers

Finders, KeepersFinders, Keepers by Sapan Saxena

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amazing debut novel by this ‘Lucknow Boy’, making Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code appear elementary.
When I picked this novel, I was very skeptical. I had expected an amateurish book, by a young self proclaimed novelist. But the first chapter astonished me. The story starts with a bang, just like a rocket launching into space, and continues at the same pace, never giving a slower moment to the reader. This is a very exciting mix of mythology, history, science and religion. Story spread across the Indian subcontinent, reader getting a feel of visiting the places described. Crime scenes and places are so realistically described, I could recollect so many of places where I have been earlier.
The book, spanning 108 chapters (and a Sumeru too, just like a Hindu rosary), is full of riddles and cryptic clues. I enjoyed attempting unsuccessfully to solve them. All the mentions to religious texts appear authentic( I believe that are). Hindu mythology, and the conflict between Shaivyas and Vaishnavas has been very beautifully explained. It was a sort of refresher course in Hindu religious concept for me. But at some places I felt, the author was being sarcastic about the present fundamentalists habit of linking all modern scientific developments to the vedic era.The explanation about how the Ganga water remains pure indefinitely, is one such thing.
Overall a great thriller. After a long time I had to stay awake till early morning to finish the last few chapters of any novel, as I wanted to know the climax.

Great job, Sapan. Wishing you a huge successful career ahead.

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