Fourth Sunday Meet Again – August’13

Lucknow Book Club welcomes the Cambridge Rickshaw Project as new members to their literary family.

Lucknow Book Club welcomes the Cambridge Rickshaw Project students as new members to their literary family.

“Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” -The whole world is one single family

Masto might have quoted this phrase to close the session but it surely was the theme of the day. The month of Freedom and with the celebration of Independence, it was the time for the fourth Sunday meet again and Lucknow Book Club could find no better way but to celebrate the occasion by welcoming this year’s students of the Cambridge Rickshaw Project as new members to their literary family. The meet was well attended by the club members, RTP students and friends at Hotel Deep Palace, Lucknow on August 25.

Mesmerized by the hospitality and smiling faces, RTP students enthusiastically participated in the chit chat session. One of the students was heard saying, “We just love the peace and serenity of the city”.  There was a quick round of introductions, followed by a literary enlightenment of the word Independence and the individual perceptions behind it.

People came up with beautiful thoughts and their version of freedom, leaving everyone with points to ponder upon, as to what patriotism is for a soldier fighting boundaries or for those who are immigrants to other countries.

Ryan, from New Zealand and a student in Cambridge says, “While I was in India this year on the Independence Day, I realized, Independence should not be taken for granted. I have never seen any place where this day is celebrated in such a grand manner.” While the eloquent speaker of the club Sulekha ji said that “freedom is the right to say -No, it is the right to be what you want to be, to do what you wish to do”, Puja ji shared her feelings when she was in England and missed India. Rabindra Nath Tagore’s “Where the mind is without fear … was also quoted by Nitin sir.

Ajaish sir and Sangita Ma’am hosted the meet humbly while Nitin sir,  Manoj sir  and Masto conducted the sessions. Everyone enjoyed their cup of coffee and a scrumptious lunch while posing for pretty pictures. The group parted with fond memories and wishes for the students, along with a promise to meet again for the final show of the RTP team , JOSH and LBC volunteers and the little star children from the NGO’s on the 6th of September.


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