Lucknow Book Club (LBC) is a vibrant community of Lucknowphiles and literature enthusiasts – authors, readers and aspirants alike. We meet each month to discuss a book, author, theme, genre, or just to share a common love for Lucknow, literature and more! We dabble in discussions and activities related to theater, films, photography, food, bird watching, nature walks and other ‘fine interests’ that consume most book lovers. Therefore, no two meetings at LBC are ever the same – there could be a book reading, an invited author, a writing session, a film screening, or just a coffee with thoughts floating around.
LBC started in 2006 as a virtual community, and a legal entity under Societies Act was registered in 2008. The core group is motley of activists, artists, journalists, students, homemakers and all who are in-between; we are  always open to new ideas, feedback, and suggestions. Many among the core group, in fact, are based away from Lucknow but most of us went to school in Lucknow, lived in different neighborhoods, and never met each other before our first meeting. Evidently, we found our common thread in our love for Lucknow.

Over the years, LBC has evolved into a virtual-yet-real hangout, where occasional visitors to ardent followers, all are equally welcome to share their thoughts (the book you like or the food-walk you took or the reading culture in Lucknow), ask a question (why should you read that book or how to find your way in old Lucknow’s streets or where to find the best story-tellers of the times), and raise a concern (the price of kebabs at Tundey’s or the literary scene of the city or political problems of the world). We also welcome guests and tourists who are coming to Lucknow and happen to be around on a 4th Sunday. Just search for us on Facebook and find out where are next meeting is, or mail us at
The baseline is to retain freedom of expression, respect each others’ opinions, and remain a fluid community with Lucknawi etiquette.