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Are you writer/publisher looking to launch your book in Lucknow? LBC can help you at a nominal rate/contribution to the club.

The City’s Jewish Author in Search of Love and Identity!

by Dr.Navras Jaat Aafreedi

Sheila Rohekar is precious because she is the only Jewish writer in the Hindi language. Recipient of the prestigious Yashpal Award for her maiden novel Dinānt (1977), Sheila tells the story of a woman’s search for her identity and love in life. About to publish her third novel, Sheila tackles Jewish life in India. It never occurred to her before that the Jewish society in India would interest people hardly aware ofJews who have been present in their midst for more than two millennia. Born in Pune in 1942 in the Bene Israel community, numerically the largest of the three Jewish communities in India, Rohekar began her literary career in 1968 with the publication of a Hindi story in Dharmayug and a collection of Gujarati short-stories, Lifeline nee Bāhār. Her first Hindi novel, Dinānt (1977), was followed by her second novel, Tavīz, in 2005. It is the story of the developments that take place once Révā, a Hindu woman, marries Anvar, a Muslim. Afew years after Anvar’s murder during the communal riots, Reva remarries. Her son from Anvar, Annu, conscious of his mixed parentage, finds acceptance and solace in a radical Hindu activist group as a college student.However, he succumbs to the police bullet he receives while participating in the Ram Jańmbhūmi agitation. During the preparations for his final rites according to the Hindu norms when it is discovered that he was circumcised, his mother is immediately killed by the radicals to avoid complications.

Book Launch : मिस सैमुअल, एक यहूदी गाथा


Lucknow Book Club has the pleasure of launching renowed author Ms. Sheila Rohekar’s third novel, “Miss Samual :ek yahudi gaathaa”.

Date : 30th  March, 2013 ; from 1PM to 4PM.

Venue : UP Sangeet Natak Academy, Gomti Nagar, opposite FUN Mall

Lecture by Dr. Aafreedi

420303_10151367934153183_857452805_nAlong with the Book release,  Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi, Ph.D. Assistant Professor and Post-Graduate Programme Coordinator, Department of History & Civilization, School of Humanities & Social Sciences, Gautam Buddha University, will  speak on Indian Jewish fiction, including the writings of Sheila Rohekar

Since Ms. Rohekar does not use internet, we do not have access to any of her public profiles. So it will be very interesting to meet the author and know about her from herself.

HT City has posted an article on it, but their paper does not seem searchable.

Here’s a link we’d managed to save –

 March 30 – Some photos of the event.

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Masto started the affair with a brief intro to the Lucknow book club.

Words cannot describe the quality of Navras’s presentation. It was well researched, and well planned. The oration was excellent, and delivery rivetting.
Navras gave a brief history of Jews, jewish authors & their writing in India, and went on to touch many issues – authors, discrimination, minority community and more.

Mr. Shakeel Siddiqui took up compering after this. Starting with Mr. Virendra Yadav – a literary critic to tell us his thoughts of the book.
Then, Miss Rohekar gave her own introduction to the book.

After this, Mr. Siddiqui called up a bevvy of poets and critics to give their impressions of the book –

  • Akhilesh ji
  • Vandana mishra
  • Virendra yadav
  • Rakesh ji
  • Surya mohan kulshrestha
  • Dr. Ramesh dixit
  • Ravindra verma

The book had universal acceptance in the literary community, and their description and praises made several attendees (myself included) wish to purchase and read this book. Unfortunately, copies were not available on the spot…