Book Review: The Girl Who Saw it All

As a reader of mainly poetry and YA fiction, I picked up Rooprashi’s copy of the Girl Who Saw it All with skepticism.
I mean, I’d read her blogs, and while short articles on self affirmation and productivity are all right, fiction is a wholly different ballgame.
But as with most good things, TGWSAIA struck chords i didnt know existed, and at this stage of confusion in life, it made me question long held beliefs and come to terms with many tough truths.

The book is part guidebook, part story; and this format is particularly easy to read. I found myself flipping through the whole book, only to finish within the night and rest easy with the satisfaction of having been told the secrets of a happy life, but without the snoozefest of self help.

The plot, which deals with the themes of relationships, the loss of love and the difficulty of decision making, is complex enough to arouse interest, but is simple enough to not be unbelievable.
Aarohi’s journey, from her initial naivete to her later wisdom, makes her an excellent protagonist. Her story is relatable, her mistakes innocent, and her choices an accurate parallel to many questions we face as women( do you choose relationships over a career? How to get over someone? How to focus on choices you’ve made when you’re facing the crippling fear of missing out? ) 

The book doesn’t give you ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers to those questions; but it instead helps us understand the nature of the questions better, so we can answer them for ourselves.
Rather than drowning us in instructions, it follows the simple and most effective principle of storytelling ” show, don’t tell”, and as we see the story of Aarohi and Rudra unfold, we can feel ourselves grow, too. I recommend this book to readers who enjoy self help and management- style guidebooks such as FISH. If you’re a fan of Indian Romance Writers like Durjoy Datta and Ravinder Singh, you’ll love this. And even if, like me, Nikita Singh isn’t your cup of tea, Rooprashi will make you rethink your preferences.
After all, you may not have seen it all, but I’m happy to say, you must read about it.



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