STAR Library, Hazratganj

STAR LIBRARY: Does anybody re-collect it? No? OK.. here goes. There is a lane between the GIC/Beg Building and the Kayson’s building.. this lane starts from Hazratganj and joins Newal Kishore Road. Star Library was a shack, at the starting of the lane (Hazratganj side), with a very good collection of second-hand books, comparable to

My Life and I

Salvaging my tremulous existence, Squeezing my schizophrenic identity, Out of these sundered vicissitudes of life, I shrug the mortal coil of, This morbidly maudlin, Hamletian dilemma. I am and I am not, Reminiscing the excruciating visions, From the panorama of years left behind. I encounter weltschmerz, Waltzing within my wandering soul, Soul? Call it a