A good summer read !

“Everybody needs inspiration,
Everybody needs a song,
A beautiful melody when the night’s so long,
‘Cause there is no guarantee that this life is easy”
An emotional journey through these printed black letters, The Last Song is the story of seventeen year old Veronica Miller and the circumstances that lead to her rediscovering of love for her father and family. Written by Nicholas Sparks, the book is well received after its release in July 2009.
The books of Nicholas Sparks are among the bestsellers in the international market. Sixteen of his novels have been published and seven of his novels have been adapted into movies. Some of his other books are, A Walk to Remember, The Choice, The Wedding, , The Guardian, The Notebook, and Dear John.
Being a hopeless romantic and an avid reader, I belong to the Nicholas sparks romantic series fan club and I enjoy reading all his books. When my sister told me about the book I couldn’t really wait to read it and I was totally in love with it. Despite the serious theme, the novel has a light humour that would genuinely make you laugh, and the characters are easy to fall in love with.
The Last Song shows family life and how we value things sometimes only when we are about to lose them. The bond of a father with his daughter is beautifully written.
Veronica aka Ronnie is a brat. She is totally shaken when she learns that her parents are divorced and that her father has left them. She remains angry and hostile towards her parents, particularly her father. Then on her mother’s initiative, Veronica and her brother go to their father’s place to be with him for the summer. Veronica starts loving the place and also finds a boy with whom she falls in love with. The rest of the story is about her first love, the tragedy that envelopes the family, the circumstances that lead to the changes in their lives, about Veronica’s attitude towards her father, and the relationship between the parents and the children. It is about how relationships can influence one’s life.
Intricacies of life should never be missed – a must read for all those who haven’t yet rejoiced each and every moment of life!

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